Wind best time: February to July, but also off season May be good. September and October are usually the worst months,

February, March, April are certainly the most interesting for Germans.


Never 100% windsafe, but very many good days 70% twintip day in season ..

If you also have a 19er or Foil you should be able to kite in the season 95% the days.


Wind beste Zeit: Februar bis Juli, aber auch Off season Kann gut sein. September und Oktober sind meist die schlechtesten Monate,


Februar, März, April sind für Deutsche sicher die interessantesten,

Nie 100% Windsicher, aber sehr  sehr viele gute Tage  70% Twintip tag  in der Saison..

Wenn man auch einen 19er hat oder auch Foil sollte man in der saison 95% der Tage kiten können.

Los Roques

Is one of the biggest coralline atoll in the South Caribbean Sea located north of Venezuela with 42 keys, 300 small islets and multiple living coral reefs. Turquoise waters wrap white sandy beaches & emerald lagoons protected by surrounding reef and mangroves. Saltwater pools, prairies of marine herb and hundreds of marine species enrich this fragile marine oasis. The lack of buildings, cars and paved roads make this destination unique where “less is more”. It is hard to describe its beauty, just nature and living colours becomes in lack of a better word, paradise. It might be the place; you find the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen.

The main island, where the village is located, our accommodation and the airport, name is Gran Roque. It is the only habited island.